Wednesday, 24 December 2014

House Crashers Episode 508 (Cleveland)

House Crashers Episode 508 Eclectic Basement Cleveland

Herbs And Spices - Hard Rock Candy

Spicy, cinnamon flavored hard candy. Wrap pieces of it in decorative bags for perfect stocking stuffers. You can vary the flavor by substituting lemon, orange, anise, or other oils.

Pasta - Polish Cabbage Noodles

A buttery saute of shredded cabbage and chopped onion is folded into tender egg noodles to make a quick and comforting dish.

Contemporary Home Gym

Contemporary Home Gym - Melbourne

Side Dish - Kashmiri Style Kidney Beans With Turnips

This flavorful recipe is a winter staple in Kashmir.

Private Residence Condominium Renovation Amelia Island Florida (Jacksonville)

Private Residence Condominium Renovation Amelia Island Florida Contemporary Living Room Jacksonville

Seafood - Cindys Awesome Clam Chowder

This quick and easy clam chowder, filled with potatoes and bacon is wonderful served with hot sourdough bread.

The Modern Glam Project (Los Angeles)

The Modern Glam Project Modern Closet Los Angeles

Modern Closet

Modern Closet -

Salad - Mad Hatter Salad

A mixture of cole slaw, green onions and broccoli combined with a dry mixture and a delicious dressing to create a wonderful salad that everyone will want the recipe for. Great for family, church, or barbeque gatherings!

Tiffany'S Lemonade! [Lemonade, Peach Schnapps & Blue Curacao]

Tiffany'S Lemonade! [Lemonade, Peach Schnapps & Blue Curacao]

Dining Room Re Design In Edmonton Ab For Magazine Photo Shoot (Edmonton)

Dining Room Re Design In Edmonton Ab For Magazine Photo Shoot Traditional Dining Room Edmonton

Three Season Porch (Portland Maine)

Three Season Porch Traditional Porch Portland Maine

Traditional Patio

Traditional Patio - Chicago

Evanston Project (Chicago)

Evanston Project Traditional Kitchen Chicago

Cheese - Summer Fresh Tomato Basil Dip

Fat-free cream cheese and sour cream serve as a base for this dip packed with herbs and tomato.

Contemporary Home Office

Contemporary Home Office - New York

Southern Peach Cocktail

Southern Peach Cocktail

Traditional Staircase

Traditional Staircase - Dc Metro

Bread - French Bread

A crisp, crunchy crust and slightly chewy center make this bread as traditional as the breads served in France.

Herbs And Spices - Sweet And Sour Chicken I

Pineapple and vinegar are the sweet and sour in this Asian-style chicken and green pepper stir fry.

Contemporary Media Room

Contemporary Media Room - Los Angeles

Bbq Grilling - Grilled Peaches With Gingersnaps

Peach halves are caramelized and served with creamy frozen yogurt and crunchy ginger snaps.

Inground Pools

Inground Pools Eclectic Pool Other Metro

2007 Showcase

2007 Showcase Traditional Patio Other Metro